Everyone likes girls from private school, right? Those are the ones that never got out enough and are still a litle bit on the innocent side - although they don't want to be innocent any more. Private School Jewel is exactly that - she's so freaking horny she's ready to explode!

Girl Next Door


Private School Jewel is so cute… Talk about the girl next door. She’s perfect.

She’s wearing a sweater that has rabbit heads on it. Yeah, Private School Jewel could pass for a Playmate… Then she lifts her sweater up and shows off her tiny but forever perky boobs while slowing teasing us by pulling down her pants…

private school jewel gets naked outside 3 private school jewel gets naked outside 1 private school jewel gets naked outside 4 private school jewel gets naked outside 5

I like chicks that are physically fit… and it looks like Private School Jewel is doing push ups with no pants or panties on… And the end result is Private School Jewel has her tight little sweet teen ass up in the air!

private school jewel gets naked outside 2

Little Miss Bashful


Private School Jewel usually isn’t bashful, but she sure does look bashful here. She’s topless, wearing only panties, but she’s looking down and away like she’s never been photographed naked before. That’s kind of funny if you think about it – because now Private School Jewel must be very used to it. In fact, she does it all the time now. And my god yes we do love seeing her naked now don’t we?

Or maybe Private School Jewel is looking down at her boobies!

private school jewel pulling down her panties

When she has such sexy boobs like this we would like to check them out all the time too!

Sexy Teen Panties


Colorful socks like this is usually a huge turn off for me… but on Private School Jewel it’s smoking hot. Then again, anything Private School Jewel wears makes her smoking hot. She’s just… Beautiful!

private school jewel socks

Who wouldn’t want to tear her panties off of her with their teeth…

Lesbians In High Heels


The only thing that could make Private School Jewel hot… Is a picture of her with another hot chick. Mostly because lesbians make everything twice as hot!

Private School Jewel is with Lia 19 here…. And she’s smoking hot too! You can tell these two are really comfortable with each other – look at the way they are holding each other, and no big fake smiles…

jewel lia19 lesbians in high heels

You just know that Lia 19 and Private School Jewel were banging each other when the cameras were put away….

Naked Outside


So this is what it looks like on a photo shoot… A hot girl naked outside getting ready for the next phase or location of a photo shoot, on stand by, getting ready… And putting lipstick or what not on her lips. My my my my my…. I could watch Private School Jewel do this all day long. She’s so thing and tight and perky – curves in the right places, but not an ounce of fat on this former private school hottie….

private school jewel naked outside lipstick

I bet you that Private School Jewel likes to fuck outside too!

I’m just glad she is able to make money off of being so damn beautiful!