Everyone likes girls from private school, right? Those are the ones that never got out enough and are still a litle bit on the innocent side - although they don't want to be innocent any more. Private School Jewel is exactly that - she's so freaking horny she's ready to explode!

Two Babes In Bikinis


We love a chick in a bikini as much as the next guy… And on any given day seeing Private School Jewel in a bikini flashing her boobs is enough to make any red blooded man hard as a rock!

But now she’s got her sexy girlfriend with her, and her sexy girlfriend has a nice rack!


That’s four titties they have… That’s more than a handful!

Private School Jewel and her girlfriend is way too much to handle!

Lesbian Bubble Bath


Private School Jewel is hot on any given day and twice on a Friday night when she’s dressed up. And we already mentioned once before how we like to watch Private School Jewel shower.

But today is even hotter… Today we have Private School Jewel and her sexy slutty girlfriend Lia 19…. Taking a bubble bath!

private school jewel lia 19 lesbian bath 1

Two hot lean tight bodies in the tub together…. Lesbians…. It just doesn’t get much hotter than Private School Jewel and Lia 19 taking a bubble bath again!

private school jewel lia 19 lesbian bath 2

Super Hot White Bikini


When I think of the term “perfection”, only one teen chick comes to mind… Private School Jewel. I don’t know if she ever set foot in a private school (although I’m guessing that’s where her name comes from), but she must have been the apple in someone’s eye. And she’s worth her weight in jewel for sure. Not that Private School Jewel weighs that much!

Check out this white bikini Private School Jewel has on…

private school jewel white bikini on beach1

And the more naked Private School Jewel gets the hotter it gets too!

private school jewel white bikini on beach2 private school jewel white bikini on beach3 private school jewel white bikini on beach4 private school jewel white bikini on beach5

Then we find Private School Jewel on her hands and knees with her hot little teen ass up in the air! Too hot for words!

private school jewel white bikini on beach6

Sexy And Naked Outside


Who doesn’t love a chick that is at one with nature? Right?

Private School Jewel might have spent a lot of time in private schools, but she is no stranger to the great out doors. And this little blonde tiger loves being naked outside. She loves it! Private School Jewel sure does look comfortable showing off her tight little sexy body… Love those small perky tits!

private school jewel small boobs naked

Private School Jewel has the right sized boobies for some fun and games!

Peeping Tom Shower Fun


Now this looks like fun… Private School Jewel taking a shower. Naked. (About fucking time – why do all solo girls take showers in their bras and panties or bikinis? What’s up with that?)

Private School Jewel might not ever think about it, but she does a lot of things all day long that would turn us on. For example, every night she takes off her clothes… Might not sound sexy to her, but guys would pay a lot of money to see this. In fact, they would be willing to pay more if Private School Jewel didn’t know she was being recorded when she changed at night. You know, there is a little bit of a peeping Tom in all of us!

Private School Jewel looks so damn sexy when she’s naked in the shower!

private school jewel sexy shower 1

Of course, Private School Jewel needs to wash her tight little ass… Look at how sexy her ass is… Looks nice and smooth!

And ready for a spanking!

private school jewel sexy shower 2

And yes, Private School Jewel needs to change too!

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