Everyone likes girls from private school, right? Those are the ones that never got out enough and are still a litle bit on the innocent side - although they don't want to be innocent any more. Private School Jewel is exactly that - she's so freaking horny she's ready to explode!

Playboy And Private School Jewel


I don’t think Private School Jewel has ever been in Playboy… But that’s their loss. Not my fault they aren’t paying attention. But I think Private School Jewel could pull it off – in a fucking heartbeat. She’s perfect all around – great body, perfect face, super sexy boobies…

She’s got her Playboy shirt on and her sexy panties, and she’s spreading her legs while she’s on the phone…. Smoking hot!

private school jewel playboy

I think Private School Jewel really wants it!

Shortest Skirt Ever


Every time Private School Jewel poses for us she has a big smile on her face… I think she just loves showing off!

She’s wearing a short little plaid skirt that just could not be any shorter. I wonder if Private School Jewel wears this in public? I hope so – that would be hot. And she’s got a little tank top on but she’s got it lifted up and she’s fondling her breasts. She likes her tits as much as we do, so gets off on playing with them.

private school jewel sexy short skirt1

The one thing that I just got to know is if she is wearing panties or not!

French Maid


This is something every solo girl has to do once… Yet it’s still fucking hot.

I’m not sure if Private School Jewel is having a clothing malfunction or if she’s trying to show off her small perky boob because she wants to….

private school jewel french maid1

Private School Jewel is getting busy… Look at those sexy legs…. And then watch her taking off her panties!

private school jewel french maid2 private school jewel french maid3 private school jewel french maid4 private school jewel french maid5

I would let Private School Jewel clean my house nearly naked….

private school jewel french maid6

Hot Short Tight Yellow Dress


I love tight teen chicks with small boobs in tight short dresses. Yellow surely isn’t my favorite color, but clearly I’m not about to kick Private School Jewel out of bed for wearing yellow. Or leaving crumbs behind after eating cookies. In fact, I don’t believe Private School Jewel could ever do any wrong….

She is so sexy!

private school jewel yellow dress outside1

After seeing Private School Jewel like this, well, I understand why men don’t want to let their girlfriends out of their house…. Private School Jewel is just so hot that I wouldn’t want any other men to look at her either!

private school jewel yellow dress outside2 private school jewel yellow dress outside3 private school jewel yellow dress outside4 private school jewel yellow dress outside5

Fondling Her Breasts


One of the best things about Private School Jewel is that fact that there is just so much content of her – pictures and videos. It seems like every day I am seeing new photos of Private School Jewel….

Today Jewel is outside wearing a little yellow dress and sunglasses and not much else. She’s pulled down her top and you can see her titties; She’s covering them with her hands. What Private School Jewel might not know is that this only makes the photo much more hotter. Seeing her perky boobs is one thing but watching Private School Jewel fondling her breasts is only hotter!

private school jewel sunglassses

I wonder if Private School Jewel is wearing any panties here!

Two Babes In Bikinis


We love a chick in a bikini as much as the next guy… And on any given day seeing Private School Jewel in a bikini flashing her boobs is enough to make any red blooded man hard as a rock!

But now she’s got her sexy girlfriend with her, and her sexy girlfriend has a nice rack!


That’s four titties they have… That’s more than a handful!

Private School Jewel and her girlfriend is way too much to handle!